The winery complex of buildings draws on the rich visual imagery of Kaikoura. It is a place where the mountains meet the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean and where both whales and humans take time to break their journeys.The main reception building is sited on the edge of a limestone cliff looking out on the larger Kaikoura landscape. It has been designed to highlight both the marine and mountain aspects of its location.


When visiting the Kaikoura Wines Company, one shouldn’t miss the opportunity at this “picture book” winery to take a tour through the facilities.

The tour starts at the establishing library vineyard, then follows the wine making process through the winery and into the underground cellar.

There the wine barrels and the Kaikoura Methode Champenoise are stored in the constant 12°C cellar. The first tasting is enjoyed here.

When this has been completed the visitor retraces their steps back into the light, where overlooking the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, a celebratory glass or two of wine is partaken.